Layer 1 blockchain

For the people

TrumpChain empowers people by disrupting the crypto establishment’s.

No VC, no seed, no private sale: TrumpChain, the blockchain for the people.


About TrumpChain

TrumpChain is a layer 1 blockchain, designed for the people.

And when we say for the people, we mean for the degens and for the meme-enjoyers.

TrumpChain will be a fast, secured, decentralized, EVM compatible and Proof-of-Stake network, the ideal place to reunite the brightest builders of the cryptospace.

No private sale, no VC, TrumpChain is accessible to the highest number.



The Trump Tower

Built on top of TrumpChain, the Trump Tower will be the DeFi platform of the network: Yield Farming, Staking, Lending, Bridge, Swap, Launchpad, all the DeFi services in one place.

Developed by the same team, the Trump Tower will be the stronghold and the jewel of the TrumpChain network. With the Trump Tower and some viral marketing, the mass adoption of TrumpChain is inevitable.


Like Donald John Trump, our team will focus on gambling. Thanks to its high TPS, TrumpChain is the perfect home for some on-chain gambling games and other degens activities.

Project 01: Atlantic City.
ETA: Q2 2023.

Stay tuned.


The new standard

Who does it better than the Donald when it comes to memes?

With the new Non-Fungible Token standard issued on TrumpChain mainnet, buy and own the most iconic moments of Donald Trump on TrumpChain.

The mint revenue will be donated to fund Donald Trump 2024 election run.


Total supply1B
Public sale400M
Uniswap liquidity400M
Treasury* (locked)180M
Team (locked)20M

*Treasury includes: Validators rewards, Staking rewards, CEX liquidity & Grants allocation.

Tokenomics that make the most sense for holders, but still gives room to grow for the team. The perfect balance.


TrumpChain’s motto: Safety first.

All products are thoroughly audited and tested against all type of exploits. Starting with the token: rug-pull proof, safe-launched, itโ€™s a safe heaven for our early adopters.

Read the full audit here.

2024 Vision ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

Every major project starts with a vision.

Our goal is to make TrumpChain reach 1 Billion market capitalization before 2024 and actively participate in the Donald Trump Presidential Run via donations.

TrumpChain will become the number one blockchain of the Republican Party, and seek institutional support.

We strongly believe that under a weak government, the market is bond to suffer. Donald Trump reelection will save the market and launch the 2024 bullrun.

Get ready for 2024. We will Make Crypto Great Again.

Make Crypto Great Again


Q4 2022

  • Token Audit
  • Public Sale on PinkSale
  • Coingecko listing
  • Coinmarketcap listing
  • Tier 2 CEX listing (ERC-20 token)
  • Marketing stage 1
  • Full documentation Release
  • TrumpChain testnet alpha with explorer
  • Trump Tower preview on ethereum (Swap, Launchpad features)

Q1 2023

  • Marketing stage 2
  • TrumpChain full security Audit
  • TrumpChain Mainnet
  • TrumpChain Explorer
  • TrumpChain Mainnet CEX intregration
  • Trump Tower basic features audit
  • Trump Tower released on TrumpChain
  • Tier 1 CEX listing

Q2 2023

  • Trump Tower lending on Trump Chain testnet
  • Wallet on iOS & Android
  • Marketing Stage 3

S2 2023

  • Trump Tower Lending released on TrumpChain
  • Trump Labs to create a Grant Program to finance further TrumpChain adoption
  • First NFT collection
  • Donations to push Donald Trump Reelection
  • Web3 Donald Trump Presidential Campaign

S1 2024

  • Metaverse development
  • Marketing Stage 4 to help TrumpChain reach 1Bn market cap
  • Donald Trump reelection & celebration within the Metaverse

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